Kaybn Pouf

Kaybn Pouf


Each Pouf is woven with multiple colors and patterns chosen by each artisan. Each one of these oversize ottomans poufs takes approximately a month to complete and is one of a kind.

Measurements: each style varies slightly in size since these are handmade. These are all considered large.

24”- 30” in diameter

18”- 20” in height


What we recommend for stuffing;

  • Old, unused clothes, towels, bed sheets or the like can also provide a light and firm filling option which is a great way to re-use some of the old stuff lying around the house. GET CREATIVE

  • Plastic bags, newspaper, cash (the monopoly, fake kind of course). Pretty much anything else you want to keep, but just can’t part with or you don’t want anyone else to know you still have it. Your ottoman will be a trusty guard for those invaluable items!

  • Upholstery fillings such as flock, coconut fibres, lofted wadding, dacron, polyester fibre filling. Simply do a google search in your city/area for "upholstery filling supplies" and you will most likely have a few options of suppliers to choose from.

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